Our 4-Step Process Is Proven To Produce Results


Analysing your inventory data, helps your facility to achieve performance excellence

We help healthcare organisations save time and money

Our aim is to save you at least
50% of costs and be 5x faster


Our innovation begins, through precision scanning of your entire surgical assets, “one-by-one”

Our solution is innovative and fast, which means our footprint is tiny

We are able to scan 5,000 instruments weekly onsite


Your Inventory must follow a specific nomenclature to ensure it becomes value adding downstream

Our method allows for the crucial facility-level build customization

We will build what you need not what your given.


The ability to ensure conformance to standards/regulations, requires an understanding of the data

 We help healthcare organisations save time and money

By finding the non-conformances long before they reach OR

We’re Here To Help Your Healthcare Organisation!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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