Project Description

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Project Brief

Commissioning the Surgical Instrument Tracking Solution to batch level, user training and reporting.


4x Decon, 5x Assembly, 3x Receiving/Dispatch
4x Washers, 4x Steam, 2x Plasma, 3x Soluscopes


12x Theatres
2x   Endoscopy Suites
2x   Specialist Suites


CSSD Main, CSSD Loan, OR Main, Cardiac, Cathlab, Ortho, GE, PICU, Emergency.

The Challenge

The deadline was resolutely firm, with Theatres having cases scheduled for Day 1. Project failure always had the potential to cause surgical procedure cancellations. Clearly this was not an option for a critical clinical ICT solution – and thus a path we did not stray towards. Clinical and Biomedical experience was in short supply and this would have to be managed within the project team.

The Solution

Our early and frequent consultative approach to stakeholder engagement helped deliver the solution at LCCH. Couple that with our holistic approach to sustainable solutions ensured project success. Bridging the gap across CSSD & Theatres identified a number of commissioning hurdles. Three (3) months of post-delivery monitoring prevented minor issues from escalating into major clinical issues.