We Thrive On Challenging Projects Where We Can Provide Bigger Rewards To Our Healthcare Clients.

50,000 Surgical Instruments to Audit in 25 weeks, no problem !

To be the global leader for our sterile processing clients. Delivering consistent project success through the most direct and sensible path.
Nomenclatura created its competitive advantage from its values-driven, self-motivated, and highly skilled employees. As our most important asset, we must ensure that employees are challenged, have continual opportunities for growth, and are treated fairly, with respect and dignity:

Honesty: truth always, no exception
Integrity: courage to choose the moral and ethical path
Caring: selfless dedication to help others
Respect: we are each important, relevant, and unique
Responsibility: contribute personally, socially and professionally
Excellence: value and quality delivered beyond expectations
Humility: inward perspective that drives gracious behavior

We are determined to solve your data problems through digital evolution.
Our mission is honoured each time we:

  • exceed a client’s expectations
  • each time an employee achieves his/her dreams
  • each time we earn an employee’s loyalty
  • each time we positively influence our society and the world in which we live

Our Story

In 2014, our founder was fed up with seeing the same scenario play out over and over for healthcare providers. Digital disruption continues to flow into healthcare yet with systems as crucial as Electronic Surgical Instrument Tracking – why were unrealised benefits seemingly the norm, and worse still accepted. Surely this needed to change.

Like many IT projects the solution is not as simple as “let’s buy the software licence and away we go”.  Healthcare clinicians needed to step back and let their internal IT team commission the solution, utilising project frameworks.

Unfortunately, Sterile Processing Departments are quite alien to most hospital clinicians, it would be rare for your Theatre staff to have stepped foot inside the SPD realm. Imagine the possibilities if you had an IT specialist, with SPD awareness.

Fuelled by our need to be game changers, Nomenclatura was born !!

We set out to try to serve healthcare organisations with a newly minted service offering, that was based on our core ethics and values.

After many innovations and customers later, we are thriving in our ability to help customers realise the full benefit of a more modern, efficient approach to data.

Our high-performance team of surgical instrument experts continues to innovate and explore new ways to see the world of SPD, leading us to working on new solutions. Our goal is to always think about old problems in new ways and develop solutions that allow customers to focus on their core business, not on the data behind it.

The Right Tools
The Right Solution

Blending Technology, Creative Flair And Expertise

We believe that the way a company delivers a service is just as important as the service itself


At Our Core

the provision of business transformation expertise

Our Evolution

as the sterile processing
data experts

Lightbulb Event

Arrived in 2013 and we haven't stopped innovating


Clinical Experience
with Technology

Our Global Outlook

As a humble Australian & New Zealand company

Global Expansion

we chose to expand
our operations globally
to help more clients

We’re Here To Help Your Facility Blast Off !

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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